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The Oracle Java Newsletter
The Monthly Newsletter for the Oracle Java Developer

  This Month’s Featured Topic: JavaOne 2008 Recap
  Another year has passed and another JavaOne conference with it. Oracle continued the tradition of being a Platinum Sponsor of this largest gathering of Java developers in the world. Just in time for JavaOne we also released a new Technology Preview of Oracle’s 11g Java platform. In this edition we’ll get you up to speed on both in case you missed something:

Thomas Kurian’s Keynote at JavaOne 2008 – Replay
  Watch a replay (Part 1Part 2) of Oracle Fusion Middleware SVP Thomas Kurian’s keynote and see the next Enterprise Application Platform offering from Oracle, along with some cool new technologies from BEA.
Oracle Releases JDeveloper 11g Technology Preview 4
  Download the latest preview of Oracle JDeveloper 11g to see new features, bug fixes and improved performance. Learn more about SOA new features,WebCenter features, and Oracle TopLink features.
Oracle Announces Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
  Read more about this set of certified plug-ins, enabling a development environment designed to support Java EE standards where Eclipse is the preferred IDE.
Oracle Learning 360 Wins Duke’s Choice Award
  Oracle Learning 360, built on Oracle Fusion Middleware, was recognized among this year’s most influential Java technology-based applications. Read more.
Oracle Develop Conference SF – Your Next Big Conference
  Missed JavaOne but still want to keep up-to-date on the latest trends in Java and the Oracle Development universe? 

Register today to Oracle Develop Conference San Francisco (Sep 21-23) Three days of technical sessions, hands-on labs, and networking opportunities just for developers on everything Java, SOA and Web 2.0 from Oracle.

New Technical Resources from the OTN Community
Podcast: Going to Extremes with Cameron Purdy 
The meaning and purpose of the Data Grid and how requirements for Extreme Transaction Processing are evolving.
Build a Google Talk Client Using Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client and the Active Data Service 
Explore push technology to Web clients with ADF Faces Rich Client.
Team Development Using Subversion and JDeveloper
Learn some best practices for your development process.
Technical Article: Creating Oracle Coherence Caches in Oracle JDeveloper
Learn how to create and configure an Oracle Coherence cache in Oracle JDeveloper, step by step.
Enlightened Development
Simplifying common navigation and coding tasks in JDeveloper.
Upcoming Events
OTN Developer Days 
Free one day SOA and Fusion workshops – Dallas & Miami (May)
ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2008 
The Oracle Development Tools User Group conference focus on developers – New Orleans (June)
SpringOne 2008 
A European conference specifically for the Spring Framework community – Antwerp (June)
Jazoon ’08 
What are the driving trends in Java? Jazoon’08 offers answers – Zurich (June)
Oracle Develop and Oracle Open World 2008 
Oracle’s annual conference with a special three day conference for developers. Technical sessions, hands-on labs and networking opportunities – San Francisco (September)
From the Oracle Blogsphere
Diagnosing Production Java applications with AD4J
ADF Faces RC – the humble inputText control – it’s all about the presentation baby!
Events in ADF BC and handled by the Soa Suite Mediator
EclipseLink MOXy in Spring-WS
Schema based XML editing in JDeveloper
ADF Faces Rich Client – Complex Validation
ADF Faces: ADF Faces Tree Drilldown Example
ADF Faces – How to get a Client Side hook into the Partial Page Render cycle in order to embed rich UI widgets from Dojo, Yahoo and other into ADF Faces pages?
How-to configure a custom splash screen for ADF Faces RC
How to enforce row selection in ADF Faces table before next step
ADF Faces/Trinidad tree component’s state – expand/collapse by clicking on a node label
ADF-BC + MySQL 5 + Tomcat 6
Get JSF trace and performance info with Faces Trace
ADF in Action: Building the Model Layer with Oracle TopLink
PDF previewer in JDeveloper 10.1.3

Vía Oracle Technology | Nelson Piedra 


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May 2008 

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